Rules of Conduct

Most spanking parties are spanking-only. Many of us enjoy all sorts of wonderful fetishes, but the only type of play normally allowed at a spanking party is spanking (which DOES include flogging and whipping the buttocks.) Other kinds of play are, of course, allowed in your private hotel rooms.

The only type of nudity allowed in the party area is bare bottoms. Suite parties are up to the host’s discretion. Nudity is allowed at the alternative/BDSM party.

No sexual activity is allowed in the public party areas.  If you get lucky (woohoo!), take it to your private hotel room, or the alternative/BDSM party! (You know, “Get a room!”)

IGNORING A SAFEWORD IS CAUSE FOR REMOVAL FROM THE PARTY. Red for stop, yellow for take it easy, and green for go go go.

You MUST wear your nametag at ALL TIMES. It not only lets other partygoers know your name and inclination (red, blue, green, yellow), which leads to more play, but also helps us keep out party-crashers. (It is also your ticket to the three dinners, vendor fair, and demos.) We will be much stricter this year regarding this policy in order to help promote

Please no play in the non-private hotel areas, or the areas that are blocked off as ours. You can play in the ballroom area, but don’t do stuff in the halls people!

Do not interfere with anyone else’s play. Do make yourself comfortable and watch, but don’t involve yourself unless invited.

If you want to engage in role-play, please do, but let some nearby folks know. (Role-play can appear to be non-consensual.)

While alcohol is not against the rules, anyone who is inebriated will not be allowed to play. (And no illegal drugs of any kind are allowed.)

No photographs without EXPRESS consent from EVERYONE in the picture, including those in the background.

You are responsible for your own room. Any and all damages in your room are your responsibility. And obviously, please don’t damage anything in the party areas. We are not made of money to cover those kinds of costs!

*IMPORTANT: We will be updating this page with more rules regarding CONSENT with a zero-tolerance policy for any violators of this most sacred trust in any play/behavior. More to come…