The next Lone Star Spanking Party will be held November 11-15, 2021.

We highly recommend that you are vaccinated, we can not stress this enough!  We will update the rules as to this:  We are looking to CDC guidelines and the ongoing situation, state and federal mandates… but if you are not vaccinated then you pose a risk to yourself and anyone else who refuses to be vaccinated. As we said, more updates on this as and when we are able to convey them… we like to think that attendees will have their own and other’s health as a priority. There is always a silver lining, and so given the extra time, we organizers have been working hard behind the scenes and planning on making the 2021 Lone Star an event not to be missed.

The hotel deserves huge kudos for continuing to work with us through all this hardship, and we hope you guys will hang with us and come down and join us in November 2021. You’ll be glad you did. The airlines are still being liberal with rescheduling flights and the lot, so hopefully, this can be managed as easily as possible. For example, I know that we have been able to cancel our flights for a credit that can be used with that Airline through 2021.

If you have a hotel reservation whether a suite or regular room, the hotel will take care of canceling it for you.

Your party fees: If you want to use your paid fees for the November 2021 party, please let us know and we will put your name on a list as paid and registered for 2021.
If you want a refund please email: and we will get to it as soon as we can. It may take a couple of weeks as we will be answering lots of emails, but you will get your refund.

Starting in July we will start REGISTRATION when we plan to have a hotel booking code and we will email each person who is paid and registered and make sure you have it. Registration normally takes place approx 5-6 months before a party is held, therefore, as we are holding this party in November… the start of July will be the time that you can book at the earliest date. We will be updating this page and in the FETLIFE Group once news of this is confirmed. If you had a suite please please email Sarah at the above Lone Star email and let her know so she makes sure that you will have one in November.

Any questions, we are glad to take them. We will be changing the event pages to reflect these changes.

And as always thank you all for your kind and continued supporting patience. We’ll get through this and then it will be GRAND! We love you all so much. Hang in there and stay safe. It may not feel like it right now, but this thing won’t be forever.

The Lone Star Team

Be sure to go to the Fetlife Lonestar Group Event members where you can ask/see questions on this matter – the Fetlife page is located HERE

The Lone Star Spanking Party is held in the proud city of Houston, Texas



These were 2020’s prices for your hotel room rates  (subject to availability)

  • Standard Room (Double or King) $99 +tax
  • Junior Suites from $139 +tax (IMPORTANT: Limited, these are first come first served!)





Please be aware that we will get you the new registration date deadlines ASAP.
The ones below were for the now-canceled May 2021 party date

  • Registration Prices: One price all-inclusive, all genders, all meals.

  • Early bird registration: $100 through Dec 31, 2020
  • Discounted Registration: $125 from Jan 1-March 31 2021
  • Regular Registration: $150 after starting April 1 2021
  • 100% refund before March 31 2021
  • 50% refund in April 2021
  • No refund in May 2021 but can transfer your ticket to someone else.
  • Day passes

  • $75: Friday only
  • $75: Saturday only
  • Vending

  • $50: party attendee vending
  • $100: non-attendee vending

You CAN register and pay at the door, but it will be more expensive and you’ll have to have a handwritten name tag instead of a printed one. This party is the largest spanking event in the USA – With approx 350 attending last year, we expect more in 2021. There are approx 2000 members on our event Fetlife Page! Check out the full schedule of events on the website HERE:

**Prices will go up by $10 on May 1st 2021 and then another $10 at the door!**


NO Refunds after May 1st (You may transfer your ticket to someone else)

50% refund between April 1st and May 1st

Full Refund before April 1st (over a full month before the party)

VENDORS Will be allowed ONE company per booth. You get ONE table
it is $10 extra for each additional table. 

What is included in your Party ticket including the Saturday night meal:

  • Thursday Night Pizza Party
  • Friday night Ballroom Tex-Mex Buffet
  • Sunday Farewell Brunch
  • All classes, activities, and suite parties 


flagA HUGE Spanking Vendor Fair
Demos and Classes by scene professionals
Naughty Boys Party
Two Dark/BDSM themed Parties
Spanking Icebreakers, Newbies Party, and spanking games
Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society
Music & Events by Bob DJ (well known in the party circuit)
Models/Farewell Brunch
2 Brats Breakfasts (male and female)
Thursday Pizza Party & Friday Buffet
Meet and mingle with attending models and producers
Suite Parties
Raffles and Door Prizes
Famous Midnight Flogging event
Littles Playtime
Principal’s Office & British Discipline


house roadhouse

Just some of the fun I’m sure we’ll have…