COVID Policy

———- 2024 COVID POLICY ———-

Currently, there are no Federal, State, local mandates or guidelines regarding Covid protocols. There are only “Recommendations” leaving it up to individuals and business owners to determine for themselves their own best course of action.

Out of an abundance of caution due to the recent nationwide increase of COVID cases since our event Registration opened, we have decided to err on the side of caution and require the following:
A NEGATIVE COVID TEST taken within 24 hours of arrival to the event.

There will be NO COVID vaccine requirement since we all know (or should know) that a COVID Vaccine is no guarantee that someone will not catch COVID and pass it along.

We feel that stopping an active infection from coming through the door is the best way to ensure the health and safety of our event.

You will need to do the rapid (at home) test and write the date, your real name, and a code which we will post closer to the party to ensure that you took the test.

We hope you understand.

Event Management Team

Edit: Just to clarify Rapid Test = is an at-home test that you can still easily buy at any pharmacy and do yourself.