Meet Your Hostess

I’m Madame Samantha B … Your Hostess

If it’s November in Houston, it’s The Lone Star Spanking Party!

Sarah, Paul, John & I want this year’s party to be a welcoming environment for all that attend. That means we want you to float away from the party with memories that confound your wildest fantasies!

My job as your hostess is to be available to answer questions, offer suggestions and perhaps if you identify as female… even bend you over!

Your job is to come to the party open to having new exciting ​spanking experiences with safe, like-minded kinky people. ​Please, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to me. Connecting ​with others ​is what makes for a great time​ filled with new “tails” to tell!​ So, starting today… let your imagination run wild as you prepare to get your mind blown by actually watching & perhaps doing what you thought was only possible in your dreams… late at night!

How to Prepare for a Kinky/Spanking Party

This is how I feel about a month away from the start of each Lone Star Spanking Party (at the time this was published)​ & I’m already trying on hostess outfits I’m considering to wear! Getting all atwitter, I find this stretch of time very exciting. (And my husband receives the benefits!) The fantasies about who​ I might spank and ​the reasons ​why start to percolate in my mind. ​Free time becomes obsessed with spanking party fever. ​Join me. Take advantage of your mind’s free time​ & let your fantasies grow into ​possibilities​ that might last a lifetime. At the same time, I suggest not attending with preconceived notions. Instead, roll with whoever is there or whatever happens. It’ll make a huge difference!

To Every Neophyte

If you are new, this will be a thrilling experience like no other! You’re going to be surrounded by kindred spirits. We all love the idea of watching, being, or giving spankings! Isn’t that crazy?! I ​have a couple of easy suggestions that could make all the difference to a new party player.

Volunteer! ​We are always needing assistance at registration. And ​because of the theme of our party…. we set up our own ​security. Both voluntary ​positions give you access to everyone who attends. A superb way to make a good impression on both party staff & attendees!​ Sign up for volunteering is on the Lone Star FetLife page.

​Review the schedule and plan to attend several of the events. There you will learn many of the do’s and don’ts as well as meet others with similar kinks & fetishes. I will be there, so please, introduce yourself. When appropriate, be willing to share some of the fantasies whirling around in your head. And, as I recommended above, don’t come with any attachments of what will or should happen. The “cooler” you are, the safer the community will feel and the more likely something will ensue.

After Party Blues

This party is set up for you to have new & exciting spanking experiences. A safe place to learn about your interests (for real) and your relationships with others. Don’t be disappointed if all of your fantasies don’t come true at this one party. Think of yourself as a work in progress. Also, be aware that after the party you may feel down. Perhaps because no matter how much you tried, you arrived with those preconceived ideas and were disappointed things didn’t go that way.  This can happen​ whether you are new… or a veteran partygoer. But instead of going down that negative rabbit hole, bathe yourself in the awesome memories you did have, encounters you were a part of or were invited to watch. Always accentuate the positive!

​After the party, I will post a list of things that will help those after-party blues. Watch for it!​ ​
Register, and volunteer, I look forward to seeing you soon!

Your Hostess,