Just a few testimonials from party goers who attended the First Annual Lone Star Spanking Party. Thank you for your feedback and comments which we have collected here:

“I had an absolutely wonderful time and the most fun I have ever had a large party.  I met so many wonderful people and made some new friends.”  SaucySandy


“It was a ton of fun and the dark party scene was amazing. Thank you.”Spankee74


“Thank you Lone Star for making my dreams come true” .Disciplinemstr


“It was Spectacular!” – Austin24


“The Saturday Evening Renaissance gathering was everything and more that a fantasy ball could be due to the hard work, creativity and magic of a dedicated task force and so many volunteers.” – naughtybtm


“A standing ovation is due to the FIRST ANNUAL LONE STAR SPANKING PARTY Committee; Sarah Gregory, Paul [Tubaman] Rogers, and Triple AAA.” – naughtybtm


“The 1st Annual Lonestar Party Kicked ass!”One of the best parties ever!! Truly…- JeanPaul


“Such a welcoming atmosphere and tons of people who just wanted to have as much fun as possible and spread the love around. What a wonderful community, group of friends and family we have.” – WendySong


“Cannot wait to see ya’ll next year!!!”Tat


“Every single one of the seminars was amazingly good. It was a special, well-run event. Thank you to the hosts, the presenters, and all the volunteers! :-)”DougFun


“Great party!  The hospitality those of us from out of state got from the Texas contingent was nothing short of amazing. What a wonderful group of people! I was so happy to be a part of the First Lone Star Spanking Party and can’t wait to come back next year.”puggybear


“Thank you EVERYONE …from the organizers to the right-hand men & women to all the willing volunteers…for all the hard work needed to welcome us “out-of-towners” and make the first annual LSSP an AWESOME success! It’s my first Texas party & the people & activities have been AWESOME!” – cyberbratprincess


“YAY! Congrats and a huge heartfelt thank you! Everything leading up to this party has been amazingly awesome and the party itself was a huge success and the most fun I could have possibly had. Can’t wait for the next one.”  – WendySong


“I couldn’t have asked for anything better!! You guys are the greatest. The whole thing was a non-stop event for the entire weekend. I had RECORD sales. Even had time to play with several WONDERFUL ladies! The class on erotic spanking had every participant into sub-space and a few near a climax after 15 minutes of play.” – bill4012 (vendor sensualpaddles.com)


“Definitely the best spanking party I’ve been to ever!! So many different rooms to play in and so many things going on thank you to all the people that scheduled this.”Super-Dave29


“My sincere public thanks go to Tubaman, SarahGregory and TripleAAA for all that went into making this a truly wonderful party! I know you had help from others, and it couldn’t have happened without your leadership and commitment to excellence.”CalypsoCarol


“The names of Paul [Tubaman] Rogers and Sarah Gregory stand apart in a unique category of the Texas spanking scene; and this past weekend they welcomed Triple AAA a new member to the team, in pulling off what has to be one of the best and most memorable spanking parties in Texas, or maybe any state, that will soon be identified as the golden standard in the venue!” – naughtybtm


“It was an absolutely wonderful weekend! Thank you to everyone who spent countless hours putting it all together, and to all the awesome people who attended and made every event a blast. I had a great time and truly appreciate all the hard work that went into making this happen. Just spectacular!” – Txredhead


“For the first time in the local community’s history, we have brought a LARGE national/international party to Houston. Presenters & Guests from all over the county/world were in attendance. Houston’s historic first 4-day event. Until next year, ” KEEP CALM & SPANK ON “CAPTAIN-MIDNIGHT


“I’ve been to a ton of national parties, and never had a better time or seen one better organized. Bravo.”Orion9


“First party headcount of 286 is absolutely amazing, and possibly record-setting. Congrats!”Hardwood52


“THIS IS THE BEST PARTY I EVER ATTENDED. That’s right, I said THE BEST. And for all the victims who have had to bear witness to my whin—ummm, constructive criticism over the past five years and were sure it was my fault I never had a good time; let’s just say I had yet to attend the perfect party.”  – naugyhtybtm


“You threw a marvelous party!! The best time I’ve ever had!”AngelMischiefTeddy


“This was one of the best parties ever!! And I’ve been to a lot. I was like a fly, buzzing back and forth from one event to another, from one suite party to the next, and yet… I found no Drama… Not even a little bit !!”JeanPaul


“My biggest compliment and thing I talk about in reference to the party was the quality of the people. Just genuine everyday people. Doesn’t matter how much you make or how you dress. It’s being a good person and having a great personality. I cannot think of a single person I met this weekend that I didn’t have a positive impression of.”MichaelCane60


“It was indeed a marvelous party. It’s a testament to the quality of the people, even when faced with the occasional glitch (“It’s not in this room? Oh, we need a bigger one? Okay”), the classiness of the attendees shone through. And I would certainly echo the classiness of the leadership!”Bloomer2